We are a passionate team of professionals, entrepreneurs, and engineers with new and fresh ideas. We began with one clear purpose: developing products with a solution for some of the inconveniences, disabled people may experience in their lives. This is because we ourselves experience these inconveniences in our everyday lives. In our search for solutions, we sometimes had to realize that the best solution is not out there. That’s why we started INN2care: If the right solution/product is nowhere to be found, let’s build it ourselves!

Our goal is delivering a contribution in making the everyday live easier for the disabled and the people who (take) care (of) for them.

The Scrubber is the first product we are bringing to the market. But we have new ideas and are working on the development of new solutions and products. On our website you can find 2 new ideas of INN2care: The Scrubber XL and the Brusher. Both ideas are very close to the moment when they become reality. At this moment the first proto types are made.

If you’re interested in the further development of the Scrubber XL, or the Brusher check our website frequently as we will regularly post updates.

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To: The Scrubber XL

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