Brusher, automatic doormat (concept)

The Brusher is designed to help clean material like wheelchairs, walker assist, and other rolling material. It can also clean shoes.


  • 47 Brushes are mounted which are automatically moving sideways.
  • The brushes are moved by pairs in opposite directions, creating a brushing effect.
  • Cleaning of the Brusher can be done by simple vacuuming or cleaning it with water.
  • Brusher is fully made of stainless steel and plastics.
  • Transport wheels are mounted on the side to make transport easy.
  • Brusher is standard 1,5 Meter by 0,75 Meter and has a height of 5 Centimeter meter, but this can be customized to fit your need.
  • Standard Brusher is placed on top of the floor, also a in floor type can be delivered.
  • As the design is made to work constantly the design is mechanically to ensure reliability.\