Scrubber XL: Manual wheelchair wheel cleaner (concept)

After receiving a lot of questions about the possibilities of using the Scrubber on manual driven wheelchair, we at INN2care decided to develop a model especially suitable for manual driven wheelchairs. On this page we have added some drawings of our Scrubber XL model. This model is still in the concept fase. We expect to have a first test model ready in the second part of 2015. If you’re interested in the Scrubber XL, check our website frequently as we will regularly post updates.

Special features

  • Fully designed for outdoor usage, stainless steel (for frequently and intensively use).
  • Fully self-supporting for people using wheelchairs.
  • Adjustable frame to fit most commonly used wheelchair wheels.
  • Brush can be easily/quickly removed and replaced..
  • Pressure of the brush is automatically adjusted, to ensure the correct pressure for cleaning the tire and to prevent the brush of unnecessary wear.
  • Nozzle mounted behind the brush spraying water to wash the wheel as it is being brushed.
  • Automatic water start/stop, when the wheelchair is driving on/of the “scrubber”. Weight based, no electricity needed.
  • Special designed conveyor to prevent the wheelchair from driving over, forcing the wheelchair to stay on the Scrubber while being brushed.
  • Freewheel needle bearing, which ensures that the wheel continues to rotate, without slipping, when cleaning the wheel and facilitates driving back from (out of) the Scrubber.
  • Universal water connector.
  • Weight: 2.5 kilograms.
  • Cleaning of the caster wheels


Scrubber XL_2Scrubber XL_3

Scrubber XL_1